Are you sick and tired of spinning your wheels and not getting the results you know you deserve?

"Reality Check Warning Required"

READER BEWARE: Applying This System To Your Life May Have Such Explosive And Instant Results Of Profits Flooding Into Your Bank Accounts, Extra Time On Your Hands, More Energy Than You Can Ever Burn Up and A Laser Focused Passion, It Could Easily Lead To Suddenly Getting Called By The Government For Most Unusual Activity!

To Date: Over a Dozen of Our Students Have Applied Our Techniques With Results So Incredible, The profits from their Businesses have sky rocketed by over 700% from one month to another. And get this: they did it in less than 1/2 of the time invested in the previous months. Now, they can be involved IN their lives and not trapped slaving IN their businesses!

If You Want To Learn How To Create A Legacy With Your Life, Brand Your Name As An Expert In Your Field, And Start Building A Completely Automated Business With Multi-Passive Streams Of Income Faster And Easier Than You Ever Dreamed Possible No Matter What Your Experience Level Is...

...And If You Are Sick And Tired Of Watching 0.01% Of Real Estate & Mortgage Professionals Getting Rich  Off Of  99.99% of Everyone Else, Then Read About This New & Powerful Success System That May Just Change Your Life Starting Today!

Do not undermine the information on this page, as it could literally transform the way you do business and change your life. 


Dear Entrepreneur,

am going to keep this short and sweet.

Here's the scoop: What you are being given here is the opportunity to put yourself in a position where you can finally stand out head and shoulders above all of your competition.

It is a chance to finally experience the life that you know you deserve and to build your business around you, your dreams, goals and desires.

It's an opportunity for you to stop running around in circles, trying to accomplish things and reach all of those just-out-of-reach dreams that somehow keep eluding you...

Believe me, I know. I've had my share of disappointments...

I know exactly what it is to struggle thru, trying to build my business, trying to  make ends meet, trying to scale the ladder of success to that next level.

It wasn't until l stopped trying and just started being, that my business and my life completely changed.

Now-a-days, I find allot of pleasure in helping others discover that exact positive experience in their own businesses and life.  This is exactly why I wrote the book The High Octane Loan Originator.

"Brett Figueroa's 'High Octane Loan Originator' belongs on every loan originator's desk-an invaluable guide to reaching a new level of success and personal fulfillment."

Anthony Robbins!
Author, Awaken the Giant Within and Unlimited Power

It's also the reason why I became a Business Success Coach to Mortgage & Real Estate Professionals.

Over the last few years, I have had the great honor of coaching some of the most successful and promising Mortgage and Real Estate Professionals in the country.

I pride myself in seeing their businesses take off and flourish-even some of them experiencing their first taste of success ever in their careers!   


Yona_WishartHi Brett,

"Since working with, you my business, personal life and finances have flat out exploded into something that I used to only dream about. In the first 60 days I lost 23 lbs and originated 67 loans. This works!"

Yona Wishart
Cherry Creek Mortgage, CA

Shawn CarlsonBrett,

"Amazing is an understatement. I have done more business and made more money that I have ever made. At 26 years old, if I can earn over $500,000 a year and have 21 people working for me, anyone can. Thank you!"

Shawn Carlson
Common Sense Mortgage, MN



"I must warn you that if you choose to work with Brett you will experience a thing called Too much business! This is a good thing if you are up to doing more business!"

Brian Weis
Countrywide, IL



"I Highly Recommend Brett Figueroa. My business has downright gone through the roof. Im now averaging 40+ fundings per month!"

Jodi Klauser
Gateway Funding Mortgage, CO


Your Name Here...? "$XX,XXX In Just 30 Days!"

Hi Brett,

I want to Add My Name Here! I am committed to becoming one of the next people you help make $15,000 in one day and totally change my life and my outlook.

I want to be your next success story. Reserve This Spot For Me!

>>> Your Name Here <<<
Future Success Story

There is no greater feeling in life than to know that you have made a real difference in someone else's life.

And like I said earlier, while I do find helping others succeed very rewarding and something to hold my head up about, I also find myself concerned for the majority of people that I come across.

It's almost like a double-edged knife. Let me explain what I mean by sharing a story with you:

Just recently I was asked to come and speak at a Realtor's Convention and share some of my strategies and insights with them.

After I finished speaking I was literally almost trampled by dozens of people coming up to the stage asking me if I had any type of coaching program or some type of product where they could better learn all of the great techniques for business that I briefly shared with them.

I explained to them that I do actually have a coaching program, but because at that time I had several active students, it was not going to be possible  for me to take on too many more students. After all, I have to make sure that I have enough time to devote to each one of them  and still take care of my wife and kids!

Now, if you ask any of my past coaching clients, they will tell you that I am not cheap. After all, as you have already read on this page, what I teach people and what I deposit into them, literally changes their lives.   

This is why my $20,000 price tag is peanuts to them compared to the total transformation that they get to experience.

Apart from me just not having the time to invest into each one of them, most of the people that were at the convention were fairly new in the business and had not built their businesses up just yet where they felt they could afford a $20,000 coach.

So most of them just walked away,  slipping back into their seats...with that look on their face that said "I missed my boat again".

I have to be honest with you. It bothered me that I could not help all of those people there that day. There just had to be a way that I can still share with them all of my knowledge and empower them to transform their lives and businesses as I have with others.

This was a problem. And it was eating away at me.  I promised myself that I would do something about this problem...and I did!

Immediately after I came back home, I got to work and began creating my best work to date.


"The High Octane Total Success System"

This is the ONLY program of its kind and it has never been released before, containing over 10 years worth of personal development, sales and marketing experience packed into a set of 12 jammed-packed audio CD's that you can start benefiting from immediately.

Listen to them in your car, at your home. On your PC or on your desk.

You won't find 'normal' stuff...this coaching program is packed to the brim with hidden strategies you hardly, if ever hear about!


I am being completely honest with you here. I made sure that I didn't leave absolutely anything out of this package.

Below you will find the chapter titles for each of the topics covered in these CD's. This is just a small taste of the powerful strategies you'll discover instantly:

CD 1: Committing to Becoming More  
  • Welcome to The High Octane Total Success System
  • How to use this program for maximum effectiveness
  • Understanding the Power of Commitment 
  • How To Achieve Full and committed participation
  • Are You Sick and tired of being sick and tired?
  • How to powerfully keep 100% of your commitments
  • How to instantly do 20-30 loans a month more
  • Why you must Work harder on you, than on your JOB. 
  • Thinking big...Aiming High! The Secret of The 7 Figure Earners 
  • I can- I-will-I must (raising standards)
  • Journaling your way to success (if worth living, worth recording)
  • Hunger...your drive to the top!
  • There's always a way (foundational belief)
  • Playing the Game, not playing "spectator"
  • Being a 2%...98% cannot be bothered 
  • No TRYING...only DOING
  • Shifting From Being a "Have too's" to a  "Get to's"
  • Living in the AND Zone.
  • How To Compress Decades into Days.

Plus, much much more!




 CD 2: Noticing Opportunities Everywhere

  • The Art of Being Accountable
  • Pattern Interrupts
  • Maximizing Your Edge
  • Tapping your inner drive
  • Instantly destroying dis-empowering Vices and Build Growing Developing Powerful Virtues
  • Being a foreigner in your local city...foreigners see what locals do not
  • "As soon as..." (the lie, the myth, the illusion)
  • Getting Fired up! (most know what to do, yet few are fired up enough to do anything about it) 
  • Selling you on you...Biggest sale of the day.
  • Seeing things different as to interact different, see things the same, interact the same.
  • How To Experience Compounding Growth 
  • Finding Your weakness and turning into strength
  • How To Achieve Real Power (strength over time, Oprah says...)

Plus, much much more!




CD 3: Insuring Your Success 
  • Primary Questions, (the questions you primarily ask yourself that either take you closer or further away from goal.)
  • Congruency...tighten this up!
  • Powerful Daily success driven rituals
  • Evening Personal Programming yourself to optimal success (are you painting a portrait of your future or living old antiquated pictures of your past?)
  • Do not hope for your success.....Insure it! (emotional anchors) 
  • Being The High Octane Loan Originator
  • Transform your business and not change your business (transformation and change are at opposite ends of the spectrum
  • Success is 20% skill set, 80% mind set-Don't major in the minors
  • Overcoming Fear Instantly
  • Things are not as things appear 

Plus, much much more!




CD 4: Taking Responsibility to Becoming A Superstar Originator 
  • Getting Immediately off "the" Story and into your Success (the drama) the real thing is...
  • Building daily momentum as the Mortgage Professional
  • Delivering on your word, your promise, your declaration, your commitment.
  • Avoidance strategies
  • Growth and Contribution
  • Top 4 Survival Strategies that keep people stuck
  • Taking responsibility (the ability to respond)
  • Overcoming Fear Instantly 
  • Creating Your Winning Environment
  • Getting unbalanced for a bit (teeter totters are boring if too balanced) 
  • Getting unreasonable
  • Take're a big kid now!

Plus, much much more!




CD 5: Growing Your Winning Self Image
  • Giving the ultimate test drive, being the example, being what's possible not talking about what's possible.
  • Creating and Living the Winners Self Image
  • Being you is more than's not as if you are less than enough...God would not do that.
  • Developing strong and empowering Key Clutch moments
  • Laying the groundwork to do more business than you ever thought possible.

Plus, much much more!




CD 6: Building Your Success Foundation
  • Developing the Motivational Mission
  • Setting up your Values System
  • Creating Compelling Reasons (everybody's too busy)
  • Getting Focused Staying Focused 

Plus, much much more!




CD 7: The Superstar Loan Officer Hits the Field
  • How To Identify The Ideal Realtor marketplace
  • Counting your way to success 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, etc...
  • Being the authentic you, natural and not the inauthentic you, there is a difference and they know it.
  • Past client Prospecting (digging the goldmine)
  • Obeying the Law of Luck, timing and Averages
  • Timeblock yourself into success.. 
  • Committed Listening and Committed Listening
  • Just the Facts (reveals all)
  • Developing Massive Certainty in the Marketplace
  • There is no Good or Bad Marketplace, there's ONLY a marketplace...we bring good or bad to it.
  • Turning Breakdown into Breakthroughs Instantly 

Plus, much much more!




CD 8:  Being on Purpose  
  • Relational Selling Versus Transactional Selling 
  • Being on Purpose in the Field
  • Giving to your Realtor Partners
  • Going in the field early and late...set yourself apart instantly. Show you are a hard worker!

Plus, much much more!



Like I said before, I didn't leave anything out. Every strategy, every "secret". Every angle. It's all covered in these 12 CD's. Believe me when I tell you this entire system will give you everything you need to succeed!

OK, So How Much Is It?

You will recall that I mentioned to you earlier that my coaching program costs $20,000. While most of my students will quickly agree that the price tag is steep, every single one of them will admit that the value they receive is far greater than the price.

There is no marginal experiences with my program. You either massively succeed or you will be massively coached until you do! This is why it is well worth it.

But I really want you to experience success in your life. That's why, I am not  going to charge you  even half of that.

So I have decided to price this at the very affordable price point of only $297. That is more than a 80% off the price of my coaching. 

But Wait! Get An Instant 50% Off!

What would you say if I slashed the $297 in half and gave you this entire package for only $149?

  Well, I am more than ready to do that for you, but only if you agree to do one thing for me:

You see, while the original content for this course is already completely laid out, we are still in the process of editing and producing the audio CD's. The finished product  will not be ready for shipment until about 3 weeks from now. To speed up the process, I am having them produced in quantities of 100 at a time.

Once the first hundred are ready they will be shipped out to those of you who take advantage of this pre-sale offer. After the initial hundred are sold, then the rest will be provided at the original sales price of $297.

So if you are willing to wait 3 weeks for your package to get to you, then you can take advantage of the Pre-Sale Discount that I am offering to you. If that is you, then go ahead and order below:

And just in case you are wondering if there is a guarantee of any kind...

Your Total Zero Risk
100% Iron Clad
Money Back Guarantee

We offer 100% refunds for this package. Note: Since this is not a Digital, - a.k.a. "let me get your $20,000 Coaching Program and get my refund back in 45 seconds, type of product", please read the guarantee.

We will ship the entire course to you. If you have no intention of listening and applying this course or taking action, please do not order. It is just a waste of your time and ours to ship the product back and forth and transfer money if you do not even intend on listening to it, agreed?

We are so confident that when you do listen to the course, you will start making a fulltime income from your business. So only buy if you know you are the person who will listen to it, watch it, and review it as well as take action to finally make your dreams come true.

If after 30 days from receipt of your package, you review the entire course, and you feel this Package does not do all that we said it would do for you and more, simply return it to us and we will process your refund. It's that simple.


So go ahead! Secure your Package immediately... 

Yes, Brett! I want to secure one of the 100 pre-sale packages of your new High Octane Total Success System.

I understand that I will be  receiving: 

12 separately packaged audio CD's that contain all of your powerful strategies and principles that will empower me to build a solid business like no other.

Remember, at this price point I can only allow 100 people into the program. After all, it's just not fair to my A Team who have paid me 20 x's this amount.

Decide...take action!