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"{first_name}, Here's A ONCE-IN-A-LIFETIME OPPORTUNITY Where YOU YOURSELF Can 'Grill The Guest Guru' Each and Every Month And Finally Get Straight Answers To Your Most Pressing Business & Life Altering Questions!"

NOTICE: I'm looking for 100, 71, 53, 37 Charter Members to
test-drive my new "Millionaire Mastermind Coaching Program"...

...will you be one of them?

WARNING: You will only have one chance (ever) to take advantage of this offer as you see it here. Winners are decisive...prove yourself one today!

Here's Your Chance To Get in on the ONLY Millionaire Mastermind Coaching Group That Is SpecifiWebinary Designed Around YOU and Your Needs...And Affordable For Absolutely Anyone!

And as if that weren't crazy enough...I'm willing to "pay you" over $600 to test-drive this coaching program for yourself (more on that a little later)...

Ruddy OrtizFrom the desk of: Ruddy Ortiz
Chicago, IL

Dear {first_name},

Imagine if you will, every month a new millionaire showing you how you too can make as much money as you want with your business, and all without you having to sell one of your kidneys to pay for it. (ouch!)

Think about that for a second.

Do you think having the ear of twelve (12) 7 and 8 figure profit generating experts per year will influence your ability to change your life for the better?

I mean, really... what do you think an opportunity like that will do to the quality of your business and your life... and more importantly, the life of those around you?

You don't need me to tell you this but...

Learning From The Mistakes of Others, Is ALWAYS BETTER Than Making Them Yourself!

And in that {first_name}, lies the power of the Real Prosperity Secrets Mastermind Coaching Group.

Let me explain...

First off, members of the Real Prosperity Secrets Mastermind Coaching Group get to participate in a monthly millionaire coaching Webinar where one "Millionaire Guest Guru" will share their insider 'secrets' and the detailed steps that they themselves took to create the success that they are living today.

They will share what they did right, what they did wrong and how you can not only duplicate their success but also avoid their costly mistakes!

As if that wasn't enough, Mastermind Coaching Group members will get a chance to submit their own specific questions to be asked to each millionaire guest on the webinar.

So you don't have to settle just for what our guests are choosing to dish out, you can actually get concrete answers to your own personal questions.

By joining us today you'll receive access to a brand new LIVE coaching Webinar every month with each of the millionaire guests (plus a few top secret surprises!).

You will know at least a week in advance who the next guest is going to be so you can think about what exactly you would like to ask them and then submit your question to us.

"But What if I Can't Make The Live Webinar?"

Not a problem. Each Webinar will be recorded and delivered to you for your listening and viewing pleasure on demand.

Not only will you get the mp3 audio and the Web Video Version of the Webinar but you will also receive the Real Prosperity Secrets 'Cliff Notes' PDF file. This is a transcribed copy of the entire Webinar beefed up with ACTION STEPS designed to get you to implement the wisdom and strategies shared in the live Webinar!

These action steps work great with the next benefit of the Mastermind Coaching Group...

"Birds of A Feather...Belong To The Same Forums!"

The next great benefit of being part of the Mastermind Coaching Group is our Mastermind Forum. Now, this isn't just some wannabe cyber hangout for people to pitch their latest and greatest income opp. or plaster their traffic start page links into.

This forum has a very unique purpose...I'll explain why.

Implementing ideas on your own can be frustrating, and many times down right impossible!

Yeah, there was great information in the Webinar, but implementing the concepts can be like climbing Mt. Everest!

Face it. By the time you decide to do something with the information that’s in the Webinar, memory begins to fail and that great idea is simply a grey cloud – a distant light in the fog.

To make matters worse, it’s virtually impossible to get the 'millionaire guest guru' on the phone to get him or her to explain exactly HOW to do what he or she reveals in the Webinar.

You’re left alone…Hung out to dry!

I made sure this will never happen to you specifically,{first_name} .

You see, one of the MAIN purposes of the Mastermind Coaching Forum is to get you engaged with other members and not only discussing further the strategies and ideas that are revealed on the millionaire coaching Webinars, but get you to actually DO them.

This is actually very critical to your success, {first_name}. Why?

"Because The Cone Of Experience Says So!"

Over 60 years ago, a man by the name of Edgar Dale, an Educational Learning Expert made a startling discovery about how humans learn and assimilate information.

Basically what he discovered was that in order for you and I to truly change ANY area of our lives, we must engage in an ACTIVE learning environment.

He conducted several experiments with various groups of people from various different age ranges, social and economic backgrounds, genders, etc.

Here's what Mr. Dale discovered:

Cone of Learning

Based on Mr. Dale's research we are confronted with the fact that most of us are not producing the change that we so desire in our lives because we are not actively involved in putting the information that we have access to into practice!

This is where the MasterMind Coaching Forum comes into play.

May be you want to have a breakfast?
May be you want to have a chat on the phone?
May be you want to co-author on products?
May be you are looking for joint venture partners?

It is ALL starting from The Real Prosperity Secrets Mastermind Coaching Forum.

The Mastermind Coaching Forum is NOT only important, but it is a must these days. With the world around the net getting sophisticated, you don't want to be LEFT OUT in the dark.

With this amazing coaching program, we will hook you up to the same forum, where all our coaching program members gather with each other. You guys can put in your name, email address, URL, and phone number to be contacted. This way, if you would like to contact each other or perhaps begin creating a strategic alliance with one another, feel free to do so!

I don't know how to put a price tag on this. I just know that when you joint venture with your friends (other members) who are willing to GROW. The possibility is endless.

The single biggest focus for the forum and it's members is to get you to do the things that will get your business to the next level, where it belongs!

But not only will you be doing things to get your business and your life to the next level, others will be helping you all long the way!

Do you think that will change the quality of your business and personal life experience, {first_name}?

"OK, This All Sound Very Good... But What Kind of 'Guest Gurus' Will You Have On These Webinars?"

I am sure you will agree by looking at the type of experts that are showcased on the front end of this site, that they can definitely teach all of us a thing or two about what it takes to become successful.

But did you notice something else about them?

For example, did you notice that they are not all from one specific industry or 'niche' market?

Well, our monthly millionaire guest gurus won't be either.

The reason for that is quite simple...

Too many entrepreneurs and Business Owners (especially online) end up having what I like to call a myopic vision for their business and they don't consider principles, strategies, models and resources from other markets and industries.

This 'tunneled vision' approach is costing them thousands, if not hundreds of thousands of dollars in extra profits and countless missed opportunities.

Here's an example of what I mean...

Many Online Business Owners are so focused on building their businesses using the tools available on the web that they completely ignore the OFFLINE world.

Little do they know that there are some very powerful, cost effective offline methods (some can even be done for free!) that can double, triple maybe even quadruple their sales and profits literally overnight.

Key Topics for the MasterMind Coaching group will cover many different areas that will round out and expand your personal success mindset.

Add to that your access to the guest expert, our 'Cliff Notes' PDF and our Member’s Only Mastermind Forum and you’ll be well on your way to uncovering the secrets that make people truly rich – theory, tactics and our practical application guides.

Major Topics include:

Negotiating to get whatever you want, when you want it, on your terms!

Real estate investing for big time passive income, capital gains, and future retirement.

Time management – eliminate your procrastination and get “stuff” done for good.

Learn how to master Risk and use it as an ally instead of being paralyzed by it.

How to literally STARVE Uncle Sam by Legally cutting your number one bill…Taxes!

End the volatility in your stock portfolio and make the market produce real profits.

Find out how to build businesses at lightning speed without risk and fear of failure!

And enough wealth building ideas that you could literally FILL the Chrysler Building.

How to get yourself to utmost level of peak performance both mentally and physically and how to make sure you stay there!

Uncover proven “insider secrets” from experts who’ve paid a VERY Steep Tuition to get them. As a member of The Real Prosperity Secrets Mastermind Coaching Program, they’re yours!

Part of the purpose of The Mastermind Coaching Program is to empower you to identify those strategies and opportunities from other markets and niches and give you a foolproof blue print that you can follow to apply them to your own business!

...But This is SO MUCH MORE Than Just Business Building Strategies, Marketing Methods & Business Models...

If all you received was everything that we have just highlighted, this would be an incredible bargain for you and anyone else. I am proud to say that this is not all...not even close!

But before I show you all of the other powerful benefits you will attain, let me give you now...

The Missing Link…Exposed…Why Some People Become Wildly
Successful and Others Get Nowhere – Seemingly Stuck
in Quicksand With No Way Out!

People are given the same tools and information, hear and experience the same words and instruction, and are given access to the exact same resources. Some people run with this information and immediately begin building their business, making money and transforming their lives.

But there are others of equal or sometimes greater qualifications as others who are seemingly stuck and wind up doing NOTHING!

If you are one of those people, what I’m about to tell you will change your life. You see, it’s NOT your fault! Nope. Not even one little bit! Your problem can be remedied, simply…easily and forever.

The reason that some people have achieved great success and have amassed huge fortunes while others don’t has nothing to do with intellect. It has nothing to do with desire. It has nothing to do with laziness. It has nothing to do with LUCK!

It has all to do with programming...

Programming is much more than just mindset. If it was all just mindset then all one would have to do is think positive thoughts and all problems and challenges would just fade away!

You know as well as I do that there's much more to it than that.

Time and time again, we find that the most important and fundamental foundation to building great wealth is:


This essential building block to building wealth is captured in what’s called the “Human Feedback Loop” and explained in great books including As a Man Thinketh, and Napoleon Hill’s Think and Grow Rich:

Our Thoughts control our Feelings which dictate our Actions
which eventually produces our Results

The mistake we make is that many of us focus on taking different actions…we work really hard but our actions bring us little or no fruit, or just run-of-the-mill results.

So we work harder, change our actions, but we still get the same results. Zilch, NADA! Some of us go so far as to finally give up, completely defeated, belittled and frustrated. But the Missing Link is around controlling our Thoughts and Feelings.

That’s why alternative actions rarely solve the problem…the problem is much deeper.

We need to literally change what goes into our brains!

It’s all about aligning attitude and having access to the RIGHT way of thinking to achieve your goals!

And that’s precisely what the Real Prosperity Secrets Mastermind Coaching Program will do for You— get your attitude aligned properly and give you the internal horse power you need to build serious wealth and prosperity in every area of your life!

  • Are you experiencing the same old, ho-hum results in your business, investing and personal life that you have for the past few years?
  • Are you tired of not getting the things you want – quickly…easily…effortlessly?
  • Are the ideas you’re working with today the same as they were in college or even in high school?
  • Are you a successful person that’s just temporarily stuck in neutral and looking to get your edge back?

If so, the Real Prosperity Secrets Mastermind Coaching Program is specifically designed for YOU!

This program will help you develop the attitude to position yourself to build great wealth, and help you eliminate your personal, self-imposed roadblocks to building great wealth.

It's Extremely Easy If You Know Exactly
To Do And How To Do It!

Let's recap on what your Membership to this Mastermind Coaching Program brings you:

Mastermind Coaching Program Benefit #1

Live Members Only Mastermind Webinar. Towards the end of the month, we’ll host a Live Webinar where I and the Millionaire Guest Guru will be On The Line LIVE WITH YOU!

  • First, we’ll host an interview with our Millionaire Guest Guru, and hold a frank—no holds barred—practical discussion of their ideas, key themes and major actions steps. Plus HOW You can implement these gems in your business and personal life.
  • This will absolutely cement the ideas for advancement and wealth-building into your conscious mind and hopefully your self-conscious mind. You’ll come away with great ideas to implement immediately for a significantly more productive and more profitable life experience.
  • How often do YOU get to roll up your sleeves, speak your mind and ask a Business, Success or Wealth Mastery Expert YOUR Key Burning Questions? Once in a Lifetime, Maybe… Once a Month? C’mon!

Can you imagine what that’s worth? Absolutely Priceless!

Mastermind Coaching Program Benefit #2

Your Own Power Reinforcement DVD – a Complete, High Quality Recording of the Entire Mastermind Webinar.

  • Right away, as soon as the recording is available from the conference Webinar provider, we’ll post the recording to the private member’s only website! That way you don’t have to ever worry about missing a Webinar. You can download it to your iPod and immediately begin to extract the nuggets out of our live Webinars and put the ideas to work for you!
  • We’ll also send you a DVD recording of the Webinar each month! You can then listen to the Webinar over and over again – further helping you see and seize the opportunities to implement what you learn.

Mastermind Coaching Program Benefit #3

Transcript of Each Webinar. With the transcript you’ll be able to highlight, underline, circle the most important ideas, make your notes and plans, and even share them with a friend or partner!

  • This enables you to listen and read along to reinforce and pull out the key points and ideas that most interest you, right away.

Mastermind Coaching Program Benefit #4

Private “Mastermind Coaching Forum” Online Discussion Group with a topic for each issue so you and your other Mastermind Members can continue to collaborate together on the information revealed on the Webinar, reveal and shape new ideas and opportunities, and share and brainstorm continued successes with the featured ideas revealed on the Mastermind Webinar.

This step alone is bound to help drive the ideas and concepts home for you – so you can implement each step as you go and put even more money in your pocket. This is where the real INVOLVEMENT continues!

What kind of impact can a program like this have on your bottom line? I’m sure You have an idea or two already!

"Ok Ruddy, I Admit This Is Pretty Amazing, But There's Gotta Be Some Kind of Catch, Right?"

Allot of people see and opportunity like this one and immediately think "this sounds too good to be true, so I guess it must be". You might be thinking the same thing by now, too.

Let me just say {first_name}, that it IS too good to be true...if that is what you choose to believe. If you have trained your mind to always be skeptical and always look for the "catch" in life, then that is all you will ever find...even when it isn't really there!

Now, don't get me wrong, you need to always protect yourself. Be cautious. Don't always believe what you read and hear.

However, and more importantly, don't develop a habitual pessimistic attitude about everything you see, because that attitude, will cost you more than your willing to pay!

Success is all about asking the RIGHT questions. So instead of asking "what is the catch here". You need to ask "Why would this guy be willing to provide me with what seems to be a really excellent deal?" you are asking the right question! ;-)

And the answer to that question is actually quite simple. Did you know that the best way to learn is to teach others?!

I want to continue to learn as much as I can about all of the topics discussed thru this MasterMind Coaching Group. The more I learn the wealthier I can become. In all essence I am putting both you and me in a position where we can do what Best Selling author, Robert Kiyosaki calls “Teaching To Be Rich”.

A very small part of the "Be Rich" factor for me (and actually for you too as you will see later) is realized in the tiny investment required to be part of this Mastermind Coaching Group.

The actual TRUE wealth comes in preparing all of the materials and information shared thru the Coaching Program, in speaking with the Millionaire Guest Gurus, the time invested in helping the group shape, assimilate and implement all of the great ideas discovered throughout the process...

All of this just allows both myself and everyone of the Mastermind members to grow and excel in our own skills!

So I hope you see that for me this is hardly a selfless endeavor – but this group will NOT profit without your participation! A Mastermind Group is only as good as its Leaders and its Members.

Without your involvement the group will be small and weak – and those of you who know me know full well that I do nothing on a small scale!

Our “Real Prosperity Secrets Mastermind Coaching Program” will deliver on a grand scale and there will be lots of famous speakers, authors and 7 Figure Business Owners involved – and you’ll get to interact with these people one-on-one and Achieve Exponential Growth in Your Business and Personal Life!

I can promise that this is the first opportunity of its kind, and it's unlikely that it will ever be offered again as it is here. But right about now you may be thinking…

"Ok, You've Convinced Me,
How Much Is It To Get In As A Member?"

(If so then I have GOOD NEWS, because actually
it doesn't have to cost you a thing!)

At this point, you might be wondering what type of cost is involved in gaining access to this Elite Mastermind Coaching Group.

But before I share with you what your investment in this program is going to be, let me share with you a very sad but realistic fact:

People spend more money on coffee in a year than they do in their own business, personal, and life development.

Surely that’s why most people get left in the dust when it comes to personal finances and living the lifestyles that they want – and why they never achieve their goals!

I know you’re different though. If you’ve read this far you’ve figured out that I have something you want, and you’re at least willing to spend the time to find out if it’s a good fit for you.

Wise choice!

And I’ll be frank and candid.

Investing time alone is not enough. You need a resource like this – a Wealth-Building reservoir to supercharge your business and investing engine – and you should be willing to pay through the nose for the type of free flowing access that I’m going to give you, not just to me, but to people that you could never get next to on your own.

I could charge way more than I am charging and it’d be well deserved – but I want you to be excited by how inexpensive this program is compared to the mountains of value that you’re getting.

The investment for the Real Prosperity Secrets Mastermind Coaching Program is only $97 all conveniently billed monthly to your credit card. That’s less than $3.51 a day, about the same price of a Starbucks Caramel Macchiato!

But remember how I told you I would "pay you" $600 to test-drive this coaching program? Well, if you're one of the first 100 to signup, you will receive an instant rebate for $50 per month to cover that amount.

That brings your initial investment down from $97 to just $47!

An amazingly small price to pay for access to a life changing program, a membership in a one-of-a-kind elite Mastermind group, and the ability to use the materials over and over while you implement the genius from the best minds of our time!

As long as you're committed, you simply CANNOT lose.

But we're not done just yet!

"Let Me Push You Over The EDGE With
These KILLER 'Crazy To Turn Down' Bonuses!"

(But You Need To Hurry... A VERY Limited Quantity is Available!)

{first_name}, I really want you to be part of my Mastermind Coaching Group. I know it will help you reach your goals in your business and in your life.

So in order to make it even easier for you to "say yes" I have added some pretty amazing bonuses that are sure to get you to pull the trigger! But I must caution you {first_name}, there's only a small few that will actually get them. If they are crossed out below, then I'm sorry, but it's too late...

Surprise Insane Bonus #1! ($1997 Value)
(Next 10 4 Slots!)


Matt Bacak

Discover How To Succeed Faster Than You Ever Thought Possible! Let Matt Bacak, The Powerful Promoter, show you how you too can build a 7 figure income producing business, starting from where you're at right now!

Matt Bacak, is one of the most prolific internet marketers known for taking "unknown" names and launching them to "guru" status. He is the "man behind the scenes" for many of today's biggest-known names.

I've worked out a deal with Matt and his team to provide you with a full 1 hour strategy session, where you will get to talk about your business and how you can immediately create an explosion of growth within it!

Inside the Mastermind Members Area you will be able to fill out a form and Matt's office will give you a call and get you started on your path to millionaire status. Make no mistake about it, if anyone can create millionaires out of ordinary people, it's Matt Bacak!

Surprise Insane Bonus #2! ($1997 Value)
(Next 17 11 Slots!)


Drew Miles | Pathfinder Business Strategies | Tax Deductions

Let Drew Miles, The Wealth Building AttorneyTM Teach You How You Can Slash Your Taxes By Up To 70%!

DID YOU KNOW the Super Rich pay single digit taxes reportedly as low as 4% - 5% while you are getting burned by the taxman? Between Federal, State and Social Security taxes, the average American taxpayer pays about 50% in taxes. Learn how to take full advantage of tax deductions to put that money back in your pocket - where it belongs.

90% of businesses are not structured to take full advantage of the tax deduction savings that is available. The US Courts have ruled that you are entitled to pay the legal minimum in taxes. Are you?

Inside the Mastermind Members Area you will be able to fill out a form and sign up for your free one hour tax strategy session to find out how.

Surprise Insane Bonus #3! ($997 Value)
Only 37 Slots Left!

"Gain Access To My Member's Only Joint Venture Program"

When you signup for your Real Prosperity Secrets MasterMind Coaching Program, you will earn the exclusive right to offer the Coaching Program to your own friends, business associates and personal contacts.

When they signup through your link, you will earn a 50% commission as our way of thanking you for the referral.

That means you can make back your monthly payment into the Program with just to paying referrals. At that point you would be participating in this Coaching Program absolutely for FREE! Any referrals you make after your initial 2 will be pure profit for you.

After the initial 100 charter memberships are filled, I will open up the Coaching Program for regular memberships to be filled...but at the original $97 per month.

Only the charter members will have the privilege of promoting this Coaching Program and be able to generate 50% commissions continually increasing their passive income!

Are you starting to get at least a little bit excited about this amazing new system? I hope so... Because you really should! It's incredible.

When you join the Mastermind Coaching Program, you will instantly have the potential to generate thousands of dollars by simply prompting our 'Real Prosperity Secrets Audio Course! Each person you refer will be exposed to this very same offer and some of them will be just as smart as you and take advantage of the insane offer displayed here.

The potential is endless!

There's also no risk involved for you to get involved in the program because...

You Want A Guarantee? How About This...

Quite honestly, you'd be crazy to pay money for this membership - or anything like it - without a super-solid guarantee. So here's our iron-clad risk-free guarantee:

2X Your Membership Price Guarantee...

We are so outrageously sure that this MasterMind Coaching Program will be the turning point for you and your business in the coming year, that we are willing to bear all the risk (TIMES TWO!)

That means that you can join the Mastermind Coaching Program, attend the live Millionaire Expert Webinars, learn all the powerful strategies, tactics, and business exploding secrets we have to offer...put forth a small effort into this program an if within 6 months you are not 100% absolutely thrilled with the information you learn we'll give you twice your membership price back!

It's a true better-than-risk-free opportunity...

You take no risk at all.

Decision Time is NOW!...

If you're going to be one of the lucky few who gets to experience this opportunity, you must act quickly.

But make sure you don't exit out of this webpage because you won't see this deal again... EVER. This is a special One-Time-Offer limited discount.

In fact, if you decide to purchase Real Prosperity Secrets MasterMind Coaching Program at a later time within the member's area, you will be able to...but you will have to pay the original price and you won't get any of the bonuses.

Here's how to secure your spot within the Real Prosperity Secrets MasterMind Coaching Program and be well on your way to the success that you deserve!

Don't wait! Make sure you order now to qualify for this one-time deal...:

Yes Ruddy! I Want To Become One of Your Real Prosperity Secrets Millionaire MasterMind Coaching Charter Members!

I'd be crazy to pass on this insane deal to learn directly from Multi Millionaires how I too can create my own 6, 7 and 8 Figure Profit Generating Empire!

I understand that I'll be receiving:

  • Complete access to the monthly MEMBERS ONLY LIVE Mastermind Webinars where I will get to ask my own personal questions to the Guest Millionaire Guru!

  • 24/7 downloadable access to the MP3 recording of the Webinar only available from within the Members Area.

  • A Complete PDF Transcript of Each Webinar allowing me to take notes as I follow along and I listen to and watch the recorded Webinars again and again.

  • My Own Power Reinforcement DVD mailed directly to me personally containing the recorded interview, the PDF Transcripts, and a HOT SHEET with the most important principles and actions steps of each Webinar already outlined for me.

  • Private Access to the Mastermind Coaching Forum where I can further discuss the strategies discovered on the Webinars as well as create strategic and mutually rewarding relationships with other members.
  • I realize that my investment is covered by a fully backed 6 month money back guarantee...all I have to do is return the materials sent to me and I will receive prompt full refund...and I can even keep my bonuses!

60 Month Money back GuaranteeI further understand that because I'm acting now, I'll also receive the incredible bonuses worth $4,991 absolutely free, including access to your closed door affiliate program that pays out 50% Commissions!

On that basis, here's my investment and I can't wait to start!

Click below to join The Real Prosperity Secrets Mastermind Coaching Program for only $47 per month.


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All the best,

Ruddy Ortiz

One of my favorite quotes is from Napoleon Hill:- "The easiest way to achieve success is to always surround yourself with successful people". Here is your chance to continually surround yourself with mega achievers that are blazing a path in life. Join us today!

P.P.S. Don't forget, this is a special One-Time ONLY deal for you. You won't see this page again and you won't EVER be able to get access to this powerful mastermind group for a measly $47 a month. So please, I urge you to take advantage of this amazing deal, save yourself a bundle and get on the fast track to the success that awaits you.

"Make It Happen... It's Your Choice!"

YES!! I want this great offer now!

No, I'm not interested in taking my business and life to the next level. I'll pass on this offer and will go get my audio downloads. I know I'll never be given this opportunity EVER again and that's OK with me. I also understand that these options will NEVER be made available to me again. I wish all the luck to those that buy Real Prosperity Secrets Mastermind Coaching Program and I'm sure they will transform their lives and create unlimited success. I am ready to pass on all of this.