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Brett Figueroa is considered one of the nation’s premier sales and coaching strategists. His work includes a 6-year tenure with Peak Performance Coach, Anthony Robbins. Brett has delivered over 3,000 speaking engagements in the USA and abroad, and opened at the Madison Square Garden for Anthony Robbins to an audience of 7,000, which he still considers as one of his career highlights. Brett has worked with loan originators and other sales people throughout the country and has made a profound impact on the sales industry and its colleagues.

Thousands of people have attended his transformational "Winning Edge" events during the past 5 years!

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The Ever Learning, Never Earning Disease ~ The One shift that bridges the gap between you applying what you already know and turning it into more cash that you will ever need.
How breaking the Law can end up breaking the shackles off of your greatness being held hostage ~ This is the #1 reason why 98% of people will never make it
The Rule of 2%  ~ The Scientific formula that you can apply  to your business (or ANY business) that will instantly catapult you above your competition. 
Learn The 8-Week Transformational System ~ Transform your mental conditioning from "Starving Entrepreneur" to "7 Figure Powerhouse" in 8 weeks guaranteed!
Perfecting The Art of Successful Thought Patterns  ~ Discover the one true skill shared by all multi millionaires, regardless of what industry they are in... perfect this and you too will experience 7 figure success!
Discover The High Octane Success Programming System ~ Learn About a small downloadable Software Program that will completely restructure your thoughts and put you on the path to thinking, feeling and acting like a multi-millionaire should!   

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